Intelligent Network Visibility.

Our Solution

Comprehensive analytics solution used to monitor and predict application traffic, and offers architects and technical staff key insights to make relevant operations decisions to meet and exceed their service performance expectations. Supports multiple Datacenter switching architectures, from traditional Datacenter to IPfabric and next generation data center architectures based in EVPN and VXLAN.

Features and benefits:


Cloud-Native Implementation

Integration with any OSS/BSS

Dynamic and enhance Network visualization

ML based traffic load prediction

Prototyped Datacenter Migration


Stream traffic based analytics


Statistical Flows using the industry standard for packet export at Layer 2. Since this standard is supported by multiple network device manufacturers, this allow us to use it withing high speed networks, in a highly scalable solution.

Machine learning

Advanced algorithms leverages machine learning capabilities, correlates multiple data sources, and performs historical and predictive analytics for different scenarios.

Centralized Dashboards

Open-source tools to provide new dashboards that visually display information about network insights.

Open Source Technologies

We provide a solution that supports multiple open-source data pipelines and collectors for data ingestion, data filtering and analytics.

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