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Finding solutions on the B(GP) side of life - High availability model for services with Python + BGP.

When you start working in the world of networking and you get to know the big brands, you think that what these people do is incredible. And it is true, what they design, develop and build seems impossible to understand, even to achieve....

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A10 CGN – CDNs design case with subscriber’s private addresses.

The streaming and social networks have come here to stay and are already part of our routine. When we use Facebook, YouTube, Instagram or when we want to hang out watching Netflix, we are downloading a huge ....

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Use of a native PYTHON automation framework for multivendor environments.

As a network engineer one of my tasks is to periodically collect and update information (such as serial numbers, license status, interfaces details, version of OS, etc) from every network device.....

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Deploying a Serverless Containerized Microservice using Google Cloud Platform.

Network automation is a tool that can help us with many assignments and it can be used for fast deployments, repetitive tasks and log analysis among others. In some cases it is better to test the scripts before using them in a real network environment.....

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Testing Network Automation in a Local Environment (EVE NG + Python).

GCP (Google Cloud Platform) is one of the top 3 biggest cloud providers in the world. GCP has different kind of products such as GCE (Compute Engine), GKE (Kubernetes Engine), Cloud Run, etc......

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